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From: Mr Skinny
Subject: Feeling Horny in the University Library part 3Disclaimer:
The following piece of fiction contains explicit descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adult males aged over the age of 18. Please do not
read further if the subject matter might offend you. If you are aged under
18 (or 21 if that is the law in your state or country) please leave this
site without reading further.
Feeling Horny in the University Library (part 3)"Mate, your cock's huge" he said, "I can barely fit my hand round it". I
felt him bring little lolitas bondage rape
his other hand round to the opposite side of my dick. He
interlinked his fingers and started wanking me between his two palms,
running his hands right up and over my sensitive, precum-soaked head,
making me moan uncontrollably with pleasure.I placed my own second hand on top of my first hand which still encircled
his cock and squeezed both as tight as I could, making his gasp. I then
began wanking him hard free videos galleries lolita
and fast."Fuck, yes, yes" he moaned as my hands sped up and down his shaft. I felt
his own hands increase their speed and could feel myself beginning to get
close.Suddenly there was a sound behind us, as the entrance door swung open.We sprang apart, dropping each others cocks. He leapt back in front of his
own urinal and stood facing it as if pissing. I fumbled with my dripping
erect cock, trying to force it back into my jeans out of sight.The person who'd just entered walked past us and took up his place at the
only empty urinal, on the opposite site of the dark haired guy in black
white and green checked shirt and black teenie japanese loli girls jeans, who, only seconds ago, I'd
been furiously preteen innocent lolitas nymphets wanking off.The newcomer was Oriental, probably Japanese, wearing faded jeans and a
lemon coloured creased shirt. He stood at the urinal and I heard him unzip
himself, then the sound of a steady stream of urine splashing into the
urinal in front of him. I sneaked a glance at my wank buddy. He still had
his erect cock out, but was standing very close to his urinal, blocking the
view of his cock to the other guy. I still hadn't managed to get mine put
away yet, so I mirrored him, standing as close to my urinal as I could.I wondered if the Japanese guy had any idea of what we'd been up to only
moments before. The sweet smell of precum seemed to me to fill the room. He
must know, surely. I heard the gushing of piss slow to a trickle, then the
sound of a belt jingling as the Japanese guy shook himself off. He turned
away from the urinals, zipping himself up as he did, and walked out past
us, leaving the toilet without washing his hands.I realised I'd been holding my breath, and exhaled slowly, this time the
sigh having nothing to do with pleasure and everything to do with
relief. He can't have noticed, or if he did, he can't have minded. I
started to wonder what he might have done if he had noticed. Maybe he'd
have joined in!My mind wandered off imagining what it would have been like if he'd turned
to face us after pissing, stroking his cock to its full length. How hot it
would have been to have had all three of us wanking together. My dick,
which had been begun to lose its stiffness and started to droop, suddenly
began great lolita bbs pthc firming up again at the thought.I gently caressed it, and soon it was fully hard again and I started
wanking properly, wrapping my fist around my shaft. There was movement to
my left, as my new friend attended to his own cock. I turned and looked
down at it. He held it tightly in his fist, moving his hand steadily, at a
speed just a fraction faster than my own. His eyes were closed and his left
hand had disappeared up the front of his shirt, presumably to rub over his
chest and nipples. He was giving little grunts of pleasure to himself, lost
in his own private world of ecstasy. I stared, mesmerised, at his light
pink cockhead sliding in and out of his soft brown foreskin, the skin
covering and uncovering the glistening wet head, precum leaking out of his
slit.I couldn't wait to see more than just precum come out of that slit. I knew
from watching porn that everyone seemed to cum different amounts, sometimes
a few drops, sometimes a huge gush that seemed to go on forever. And for
some people it flew out, projectile style, for others, it just oozed and
ran down the side of their cock. I knew my cum tended to fly out of me,
usually shooting quite far. Especially the 3rd and 4th shots for some
reason. I wondered whether his cum would shoot out at speed, and how much
of it there would be.I imagined big thick globs of white flying from his cock, my hand
increasing its speed up and down my dick of its own accord, and moaned
softly to myself. Next to me, the dark haired guy moaned too, and a shiver
ran down my spine at the sound. He moaned again, louder and more urgently,
and this, coupled with the thoughts running through my mind that he might
cum soon, tipped me right to the edge.I could feel my balls starting to tighten and my cock throb all over, and
knew it would only take a couple more strokes to start it squirting."I'm gonna cum!" I managed to gasp, causing him to snap his brilliant green
eyes open and turn his head to the perfect angle to see. Seconds later, my
cock started firing thick ropes of sticky glistening cum all up the back of
the urinal. A wave of pure pleasure swept over me, and my legs felt like
they were going to buckle, forcing me to brace my left hand against the
wall in front of me for support. And still cum was flying out of me, I
don't think I'd ever cum so much and so hard in my life. Two shots landed
on the silver pipe that water flushed out of, and one even made it onto the
wall above the urinal.I was vaguely aware that I was moaning and gasping with pleasure, caught up
in the most intense orgasm I'd ever had."Fuck mate, you sound so hot when you cum" my great lolita bbs pthc wanking buddy said. "And what
a load! Nice one!" He sounded impressed. I was too caught up in my own
rollercoaster of pleasure to be able to answer.As my breathing slowed and quietened, I could hear his start to quicken,
and he began groaning to himself."Oh yes. Oh fuck! Oh yes! FUCK YES!"His hand was moving so fast it was almost a blur. I could tell he was
almost there.He gave one more loud moan, then cum started flying from the end of his
cock, not quite as powerfully as my own had, but it was really hot to watch
nonetheless. His hand slowed to a gentle caressing motion, and he milked
the last drops out the end of his cock.He turned to look at me and grinned, his eyes twinkling."Fuck, that's better, I needed that so badly.""Me too", I confessed."I know, you horny thing. You couldn't leave it alone sat at your desk. I
thought you were going to whip it out and start pounding it there and
then!"I chuckled, a bit embarrassed. Actually, I think I blushed a bit too."I was kinda hoping you would do actually" he continued. "I was dying to
see if you were as hung as I thought you were".A gushing noise of running water suddenly started, making me jump, and the
urinals started flushing themselves, the expanses of cum loli nude top 100
we had shot
quickly breaking up and being washed away."Anyway," he said "that was fun. Better get back to my studying now though"
and he was gone, out of the door.I stood at the sink, washing the sticky remnants of cum off my hands,
replaying what had just happened in my mind. It dawned on me that I had
just had my first proper sexual experience. Ok, so I was technically still
a virgin, but I had just wanked with another guy, had touched and wanked
another guy's cock and had another guy wank mine. My dick tingled at the
memory, and I gazed at myself in the mirror. I couldn't stop smiling.I wandered back down the stairs to sit back at my study desk, my mind still
in a bit of a trance, a smile still plastered on my face. I looked across
at where he was sitting, engrossed in his textbook, and he looked up,
caught my eye and winked at me. My smile grew and I winked back, then made
myself comfy in my chair and reopened the article I'd been reading."Another important case study in this area..."

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